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Tips for Young and Upcoming Real Estate Agents

Are you planning to sell real estate?

In 2021 alone, over 156,000 people earned their real estate licenses because this business offers limitless opportunities. However, experts suggest that only about 10 percent of realtors will become successful enough to make a living.

To succeed in this lucrative business, you must stand out among the ranks. Read on to learn important tips for becoming a real estate agent who reaches success.

Get Licensed

To earn money from property sales, apart from property owners, you must obtain a real estate license. You cannot legally carry out a real estate agent career without it.

If you wish to expand your business to sell outside your state of residency, you may need to undergo a state-specific exam for each additional state. Full reciprocity states do not require this, but the rest do.

Choose a Brokerage Firm

Once you receive your licensing, pair up with an excellent brokerage firm. While you work with your buyers and sellers, your broker helps to establish a legal deal.

Your broker will draft contracts, negotiate prices, and help to meet the needs of both the buyer and the seller. Even the best agents need a strong firm behind them to help lock in sales and make deals run smoothly.

When deciding on a firm to work for, consider things like its size, location, and facility. Ask about fees and commission splits up front so you understand what you will make from each sale.

Find out if they offer training or incentives for top-performing agents. Also, learn about the other individuals working in the firm and how well they do for themselves.

Find a Mentor

Do not underestimate the power of mentorship. Young agents who think they know everything often fall flat.

Find an agent or retired agent in your community who made a name for themself. Reach out explaining what you admire about their work and ask if they will mentor you.

Prepare a list of questions for meetings with your mentor to respect their time. You asked this person for a reason, so they probably keep a busy schedule.


When you become a real estate agent, it’s important for people to know your name. Knowing the right people will take you far in any career.

Network by becoming an active part of your community. Participate in volunteer work, attend social events, and join networking groups. Don’t forget to post quality content on your social media regularly.

While networking, remember to remain authentic. Let people know who you are and why you need to succeed, this will help you establish fruitful relationships.

Conduct Market Research

Charisma only brings you so far in this business. You still need to understand the market you are working in.

Keep an eye on the economy and how this affects buyers and sellers. This can help you direct your focus to make your business the most lucrative.

Love Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Get excited about becoming a real estate agent! Passion draws people to you and paves the way for success.

Our people shine with excitement and purpose, which is why we have such a successful team. Reach out to join our team!