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Freeport FL

For discerning people looking at both distinguished luxury and affordable homes for sale in Freeport, let Rodos Realty Advisors guide you in the process. Our listings range from impressive homes and condos to value-add investment opportunities. All require discriminating attention to detail, which is a hallmark of Rodos Realty’s client service.

The greater Freeport area offers the finest in luxury lakefront estates and waterfront homes on the Gulf. Rodos Realty, works in select markets throughout the southeastern United States, including here on the Emerald Coast of Florida.

Our philosophy and focus centers around timing, cost, quality, and innovative value enhancement.

As a privately held real estate company with headquarters in Atlanta, GA, for decades Rodos has been both a principal and agent involved in all facets of real estate operations, including investment sales, development, asset management, leasing, and property management. Through an acute understanding of real estate finance, we formulate business strategies that maximize property values while at the same time limiting investment risks.

How Rodos Realty Advisors Work?

Rodos targets fee simple real estate, sub-performing mortgages and non-performing mortgages that Rodos can marshal together its development, redevelopment, management, leasing and workout expertise with the goal of creating innovative value enhancement.

It does not matter if the property is fee simple or mortgage interest. The common theme is to convert the investment to a high-quality asset within the holding period.

As a much sought after real estate market, Rodos is expanding its coverage to include Freeport homes for sale. With vast knowledge of real estate along the Florida Panhandle, we are working in communities throughout Freeport. Let Rodos be your agent when looking to purchase or sell a home or condo. We will make the process hassle free and always strive for excellence in delivering results for our clients.

Current Market Conditions in the Freeport Area

When considering homes for sale in Freeport, there are also nearby communities that offer similar Emerald Coast experiences, but with their own charm and whimsy. Whether you are buying or selling it is imperative to know the current real estate conditions affecting underlying economics and pricing.

The Northwest Florida residential real estate market remains strong. In Freeport, values are still appreciating and sales volume is high. Residential is still a “seller’s market.” Buyers can find attractive opportunities but must act quickly as the better priced properties do not stay available for very long.

Freeport homes with waterfront or beachfront never last long. When comparing deals all along the Gulf Coast, prices are more affordable versus what is found in beach communities in other parts of Florida, including East and South Florida.

The Emerald Coast of northwest Florida is a thriving, beautiful place. Visitors come here on vacation and often desire to stay permanently. There is constant sales activity with all types of homes and real estate throughout the Freeport area. With much to do and so many communities to choose from, allow Rodos to provide our expertise to successfully assist you in navigating the sales, leasing and property management process.

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Acquisition Opportunities for Freeport Properties

At Rodos Realty Advisors, we actively pursue opportunities to acquire properties that are not only well-located, but also in need of renovation or repositioning in the market today. Rodos may also readapt the use of a property or site.

By identifying market trends and understanding national and regional investment dynamics, Rodos can structure an investment with a unique blend of equity and debt capital. We see opportunities in the marketplace that others may be missing.

Situated along the Gulf Coast of Florida, Freeport is an exciting place to live, work, and visit. There are luxury homes for sale in Freeport and many other exclusive areas and communities all along this beautiful section of Florida.

We Offer You High Level Advisory Services

There are many ways clients benefit from the expertise of Rodos Realty. In everything we do, customer service is our highest priority.  When considering real estate investment and sales or searching for better solutions in leasing and managing properties in the Freeport area, know that Rodos can help you with:

  • Seller and buyer representation
  • Permit Expedition
  • Fee Development
  • Landlord and tenant representation
  • Due Diligence discovery
  • Construction Management

Our services also include:

  • Market Analysis – comprehensive data with comparable sales and rents, demographic reports, highest and best uses of property to maximize value
  • Financial Analysis – sourcing lenders and equity providers, underwriting, and structure of capital stack (debt and equity)
  • Review of Legal Matters (with your attorney) – title review, vendor service contracts, easements, restrictions and covenants

Rodos Realty regional office is conveniently located on the Emerald Coast Parkway directly across from Mid-Bay Bridge and Destin Commons in Destin. Since its inception, Rodos Realty is built on a foundation based upon character and integrity. Let us guide you to find the perfect Freeport luxury or affordable value add investment home for sale.

History of Freeport, FL

Established in 1830, Freeport is a small town nestled within protected forests and waters. If you like nature in all it is rough and raw glory; then Freeport is for you.

Nature in All Directions

The E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center is set on 54,000 acres of land and gives visitors the chance to glimpse a bald eagle, bobcat, and other birds of prey. School children in Freeport will enjoy numerous field trips to this important educational center to learn about biodiversity.

Head ten miles south, and you will wind up at Grayton Beach State Park. Featuring several miles of pristine beach and 2000 acres of unspoiled woodland. This park gives you insight as to what the Emerald Coast looked like before tourists showed up.

There is also Eden Gardens State Park, filled to the brim with beautiful flora and fauna. Meanwhile, the Alaqua Animal Refuge provides an essential role in helping animals that have been abandoned, neglected, or abused. Visitors can come and support this amazing place and meet around 350 animals.

Even the Freeport Regional Sports Complex has been designed to work in harmony with the surrounding nature. The complex boasts jogging and walking trails and various playing fields and courts for sports activities.

Get Lost in the Wilderness

Choctawhatchee River Water Management Area is Freeport’s playground for those who love the great outdoors. Consisting of over 57,000 acres along over 30 miles of river, the area provides ample camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and wildlife spotting opportunities.

Day Trip to the Beaches

The 26 miles stretch of coastline in South Walton is really close to Freeport. With sixteen beach areas, all with their own personality, you will easily find a beach to suit your tastes. Whichever beach are you opt for, all the usual water sports and activities are available. Whether you want to snorkel, paddleboard, scuba dive, go on a boat trip, or fish, it is all here on the stunning turquoise waters.

Plenty of Employment Opportunities

The nearby airbase means that Freeport is a home for many military personnel, and those that are employed by the airbase. Many others opt to work in South Walton in the tourist trade, construction, or county employment. The area has plenty of employment opportunities, making it a great place for young folk to start out working, or for families looking for a reliable place to settle.

There is nature, and then there is abundant unspoiled nature, and Freeport definitely has the latter. If you are looking for a place that takes the effort and care to preserve the beauty that surrounds it, then Freeport is a great choice to invest in real estate.

Join a small community that is enthusiastic about making the most of the great outdoors, and if you ever fancy a change, the busy Emerald coastline is never far away.