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Crestview Commercial Properties

For those seeking or marketing Crestview commercial properties for sale or lease, working with Rodos Advisors powered by eXp will bring you successful results. Rodos Realty’sachievements in commercial real estate distinguishit from many other firms throughout the southeastern United States. From Atlanta to the Gulf Coast, our philosophy focuses on cost, timing, quality, and innovative value enhancement, and this is reflected in each piece of Crestview real estate we sell.

Rodos Advisors powered by eXp is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and has regional offices in Destin and Sarasota, FL. Expertsin the retail, office,industrial and multi-family sectors, Rodos is active in select markets across the southeast.Known for its skillset to devise business strategies that maximize property values while limiting investment risks, Rodos stabilizes commercial properties through intensive leasing and management coupledwith renovation and repositioning,as necessary, to turn value add investments into Class A holdings.

Successful commercial properties require experienced hands to guide it. We have all that, and more, at Rodos Realty. Our vast understanding of operations, sales, and financealong with Rodos vibrant business network set us apart. Rodos utilize these tools to make sure its clientspursuing Crestview commercial properties or space receive significant benefit from an advisor that thinks from the mindset of an owner based upon its own principal experience. You can look to Rodos for the acute understanding it takes to devise business strategies and find solutions to allof your commercial real estate endeavors.

Commercial Real Estate Paths in Crestview

Rodos Realtyis both a highly respected real estate investment company as well as a trusted advisor in the evaluation and execution of action plans for some of the mostrecognized commercial properties in Crestview.

Rodosworks closely with owners of prime properties in favorable locations as well as buyers/tenants seeking market expertise and access to the best properties of Crestview and across northwest Florida. Besides customary leasing, management, and renovation measures, Rodoshas also been known to readapt the use of a property or site.

For example, we have convertedurban infill former industrial sites into hip mixed-use Class A redevelopments comprised of retail, office and multi-family usesas well as upgrading numerous tired commercial properties into new vibrant reuses of such sites.Rodosunderstands market trends and what drives the current Crestview commercial real estate market. Through our knowledge of national and regional investment dynamics, network of Landlords and Tenants, and access to equity and debt capital markets, Rodos is a one stop shop for attaining desired results from acquisition to sale of real estate ventures.

A summary of just a few current and previous Rodos projects includes:

  • RRP Destin Office Building (Destin Commercial Center) – 25,000 SF Office Building anchored by BB&T, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Beachworx.
  • The Abacos, Santa Rosa Beach, FL: A mixed-use residential / retail project of 12,000 SF of ground floor retail, seven two-story townhomes and eight penthouse flats.
  • Victory Square, Savannah, GA: a tear down and partial ground up redevelopment and renovation of a former Food Lion, Scotty’s and Kmart (both vacant) as well as a vacant cinema, turned into a brand new 350,000 SF Home Depot, Target, Staples, Dollar Tree and Trademark Cinemas with additional smaller shops on the property.

Leasing & Management

In all of our leasing & management strategies, value creation is central to every one of our projects. At Rodos, we strive to set realistic goals, yet goals that will challenge each of our real estate properties. A combination of increasing occupancy to full stabilization in order to maximize revenue while at the same time streamlining management expenses and cost effectively fixing deferred maintenance and making capital improvementsis Rodos laser focus as an asset manager.These key factors are what optimize the value of real estate assets through the targeted holding period.

Every property which Rodosmanages is based on our philosophy of enhancing value as well as seeing all properties operated with institutional standards yet with entrepreneurial skills. Rodos operational expertise includes industry best practices in leasing, and management services, to all of our capital partners as well as third-party owners who are in need of asset management, redevelopment, renovation, adaptive reuse, or turn around expertise.

3rd Party Brokerage

When seeking to find or market Crestviewcommercial space, turn to Rodos Realty as your trusted advisor. An overview of our services includes:

  • Seller and buyer representation
  • Permit Expedition
  • Landlord and tenant representation
  • Due Diligence discovery
  • Fee Development
  • Construction Management

The acquisition of Crestview commercial properties comes with a plethora of due diligence matters. Rodos will guide you through every process including:

  • Market Analysis. Comparable sales and rents, demographic reports, and competition study
  • Financial Analysis. Underwriting, sourcing lenders and equity providers, structure of debt and equity capital stack
  • Review of Legal Matters (with your attorney). Title review, easements, covenants and restrictions, abstract of leases, and vendor service contracts
  • Government Approvals. Zoning ordinances and compliance, identify incentives and tax abatements, obtain development and building permits, code enforcement, condemnation and eminent domain matters
  • Selection & Management of Professional Service Providers and General Contractor. Oversight of bid process, plan review, inspection of construction improvements, predevelopment and construction schedule, and disbursement of construction draws

Rodos Advisors powered by eXp reputation has been built on trust and respect. Customer service and client satisfaction is an unwavering focus of Rodos Advisors powered by eXp.

Let our professional team go to work for you. Rodos stands behind its satisfaction guarantee to guideand help you maximize real estate returns while limiting investment risks. Let us know how we can help you today.

What Does Crestview Have to Offer?

Crestview offers something a bit different to the usual beachside lifestyle that is associated with Florida. This is mostly due to the fact that the town is not at sea level, but 235 feet above, making it one of the highest points in the state.

You might be asking why you would want to live in a place so close to the Emerald Coast, but so far above it. The closest beach areas to Crestview are Destin and Fort Walton, and to live in those places, you will pay handsomely. Beachside real estate is expensive, but Crestview is only a short distance away and is much more affordable. You get a lot more square footage for your dollar here.

Secondly, being so high up, you are protected from those pesky hurricanes that like to land in the area. Living close to the beach, you are completely exposed to extreme elements, but in Crestview, you will more than likely be safe.

Nothing is Out of Reach

While the town itself has plenty of amenities, including schools and medical facilities, if you require more in the way of entertainment, then you only have to travel a short distance to get there. Head east and you will find yourself at the Chautauqua Vineyard Winery. Head west, and you will end up at Pensacola, a place rich with history and a buzzing nightlife scene. Go south, and you will hit the beaches and everything that comes with it. Water sports, fishing, top dining, and shopping options are all within a short drive away.

Plenty to Do in Crestview

Even though the surrounding area is abundant with activities, there is still plenty to do in Crestview. You can pay the Emerald Coast Wildlife Park a visit. Set on 10 acres, you can see around 100 different animals, including monkeys, tigers, and lions.

Sports fans will enjoy Twin Hills Park. Home to basketball and soccer leagues, it also has tennis courts, an indoor gymnasium, and a stunning lake to picnic beside. For golf enthusiasts, the Fort Walton golf club is nearby.

Nature lovers can take a hike along the Turkey Creek Nature Trail and even venture into the creek for some canoeing and kayaking.

For a more easy-going activity, you could visit the Peaden Brothers Distillery to sample their whiskey and bourbon. For the ultimate in relaxation, head to the Adiva’s Ageless Aesthetics Spa.

Why end up with a small apartment just so you can be close to the shoreline? In Crestview, you can get a bigger nicer property, and be only 30 minutes away from the Emerald Coast. Life does not have to be a beach. It can be near the beach and still be just as fulfilling. With so much to do in and around Crestview, it is easy to see why it is such a great investment opportunity for real estate.