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Blue Mountain Beach – a high point in South Walton

Moving to a new house can be fun and exciting, but what about moving to a new community ? That can be can equal parts of fun, and stressful if you don’t know much about the neighborhood..

Buying a property in an unfamiliar area brings out one’s inner explorer. Every day is an adventure – uncovering unique and charming shops, restaurants and verdure.

So what can you do to feel truly at home in your new neighborhood? Start by gathering as much information as possible and you’ll be living like a local in no time.

If you’re moving to the stunning, tranquil town of Blue Mountain Beach, Florida, we’ve put together this guide to help you learn a bit about the area

A Unique Name for a Unique Town

Blue Mountain Beach is a pretty unique name for a town located on the lowlands of the Gulf of Mexico, right? You might wonder why this coastal town would feature the word “mountain” in it?

The wild blue lupines that cover the dunes around the area give it the colorful name. And while it’s no real mountain, at an elevation of 64 feet it’s one of the highest spots along scenic highway 30A. 30A – Blue Mountain Beach The lupines were initially spotted on this high point by local sailors and are one of the most renowned natural attractions of this unique area.

A Close-Knit Seaside Community

This picturesque town has long been a favorite destination among tourists, but it is also home to a thriving, close-knit community of full and part-time residents. The town enjoys a relaxed beach lifestyle, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities including hiking, walking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming.

Beach-Inspired Shopping and Eateries

If you move to Blue Mountain Beach, you won’t want to miss eating out at one the neighborhood’s seafood restaurants, like Redd’s Fueling Station or Basmati. One can’t enjoy a beach vacation without checking into the local ice cream shop. Blue Mountain Beach Creamery offers gluten- and dairy-free options alongside their traditional ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets and waffle cones. .

All the necessities one might seek can be found in this neighborhood, which supports independent small businesses. An organic grocery store – which also offers massage therapy treatments, bike and board rentals and even an Irish pub make up the Blue Mountain Beach scene.

Cottage-Style Homes and Beach Houses

Blue Mountain Beach boasts some gorgeous, Mediterranean-inspired casas nestled next to traditional beach cottages.

Those into a more contemporary style will find some interesting options in the condos at Adagio and Bella Vita.

No matter what your style, all the residences of Blue Mountain Beach encourage visitors and home-owners to slow down and embrace the relaxed beach vibes.

Feel at Home at Blue Mountain Beach

Whether you are new to Blue Mountain Beach, or exploring the town in search of your new beach home, this guide should demonstrate that Blue Mountain Beach is a neighborhood that has it all. .

Blue Mountain Beach offers the laid-back, beach lifestyle that you expect from 30A, with plenty of opportunities for shopping, eating, and outdoor activities.

Interested in learning more about Florida real estate? Check out our website for listings in Blue Mountain beach and other sought-after Gulf Coast neighborhoods. You can always contact us with any questions you may have or schedule a time to tour a home.