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Real Estate in Mexico Beach

If you are seeking to buy or sell a commercial or residential property in Mexico Beach, FL, there are important issues to be aware of. The real estate market remains strong. and Mexico Beach real estate is a market to pay attention to.

Rodos Advisors powered by eXp does just this. Based in Atlanta, GA with regional offices across northwest Florida, Rodos is uniquely positioned to serve you when it comes to fulfilling your real estate requirements in Mexico Beach. At Rodos, our mission is to maximize our client’s real estate values.

For those interested in Mexico Beach commercial real estate, Rodos Advisors powered by eXp will help you make better decisions. We are recognized for our vast expertise and years in the real estate markets of Atlanta,Florida Panhandle, and other select markets across the southeastern United States.

Why Work with Rodos Realty

Rodos identifies market trends, understands national investment dynamics, and are experts in real estate investment.With in-depth knowledge of blending debt and equity,Rodos will guide you in structuring a capital stack that best fits your project. A few Rodos Florida real estate projects include:

  • The Abacos, Santa Rosa Beach, FL: a mixed-use residential / commercial development, comprised of ground-floor retail, seven two-story townhomes, and eight penthouse flats.
  • Brandon Square, Tampa, FL: a value-add acquisition and sale of a 65,000-SF neighborhood Publix anchored neighborhood strip center along without parcels sold to Zaxby’s, Ruby Tuesday, Cracker Barrel, AmScot, and an office developer.
  • Destin Commerce Center, Destin, FL:a 25,000sf office building anchored by BB&T, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, and Beachworx.
  • The Alinari, Sarasota, FL: a distressed purchase of a 3,500 sf high rise Penthouse with panoramic views of Sarasota Bay

Rodos Realty prides ourselves on ingenuity, flexibility, and the pursuit of diversity. This has helped us offer solutions to our clients that set us apart.

Mexico Beach Real Estate Market Forecasts for 2020 and Beyond

The typical home value of homes in Mexico Beach is $274,217. This value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes. Mexico Beach home values have gone up 11.1% over the past year and we predict they will rise 9.1% in the next year.

What About Investing in the Mexico Beach Real Estate Market?

There is much to consider when evaluating Mexico Beach’s real estate. At Rodos Advisors powered by eXp, we will gladly help you with all of your commercial or residential real estate questions – and we will get you the results you are seeking. We are equipped to handle all of your Mexico Beach real estate endeavors.

Rodos is keenly aware of the market and makes our decisions based on alacrity and responding decisively to opportunities in the marketplace. Our goals for any transaction are realistic, yet challenging, hence our success. We do that with institutional standards and entrepreneurial skills.

Mexico Beach is many things to many people. Economic drivers and indicators of investment in the Mexico Beach real estate market are as follows:

  • Large Military Market. Close to a large US Naval Air station, there is always a significant demand for rental properties.
  • Good Return on Investment. The Mexico Beach real estate market is trending upwards and is predicted to stay that way.
  • Low Taxes and bankruptcy protection. Florida is known for no state income tax. Primary residences have homestead protection and are shielded from bankruptcy creditors.
  • Market for Tourism. Northwest Florida has been booming in the last ten years, especially due to the development and construction of commercial enterprises throughout the region.
  • The Economy is Ideal. Mexico Beach commercial real estate is slated for steady long-term growth. Unemployment is down and the military and education presence in the area only adds to its strength.

Work with Rodos Advisors powered by eXp

When it comes time to seriously consider Mexico Beach real estate opportunities, call on Rodos Realty,one of the top firms in the business. We offer to all our clients:

  • Fee Development
  • Leasing & Management
  • 3rd-Party Brokerage

Rodos is a privately held real estate investment company, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. At Rodos, we are experts in commercial retail, office, and multi-family properties. With our extensive knowledge and unique business network, we have a keen understanding of today’s current real estate market.

Rodosvast experience and understanding of real estate finance will deliver the results you are looking for through our business strategies and solutions,which maximize property values. We are intensely focused on cost, timing, quality, and innovative value enhancement.

Rodos has built our business on trust and respect. Mexico Beach commercial real estate is a part of what we do. Living and working in northwest Florida is like nowhere else in the state. Make it your own today, with our help.

Facts About Mexico Beach

Despite being only 25 miles away from the bustling and buzzing Panama City Beach, Mexico City Beach is a huge contrast. Thanks to restrained commercial development, Mexico Beach still retains its laid-back charm.

The area gives people a glimpse back in time as to what the whole gulf coast may have looked like before it succumbed to development. For those looking for an authentic way of life and a strong community spirit, Mexico Beach is a great choice.

After Hurricane Michael

Most people know of Mexico Beach after it became ground zero following the devastation of Hurricane Michael in 2018. Most of the area was wiped out, but thanks to a highly determined community banding together, homes have been rebuilt, and businesses are opening every day. This rejuvenation of the area makes it a highly exciting time to relocate here.

Supporting Independent Businesses

Thanks to the non-support of commercial development. Mexico Beach has seen “mom and pops” businesses thrive. If you are tired of corporate chain stores and restaurants, then this area will offer you welcome relief. The abundance of independent stores helps keep money in the community and offers more choice and individuality for your shopping trips.

Water Sports Aplenty

Even though Mexico Beach is nothing like the tourist-centric Panama City Beach, it still attracts its fair share of visitors, albeit on a calmer basis. Its five miles of sandy shorelines offer the usual water sports and activities such as paddle boarding, snorkeling, boating, dolphin spotting, and more.
In August and September, you can hunt for scallops as they are abundant in this area. Mexico Beach is also perfect for spotting birds and other animals that make this area their home, including five different species of sea turtles.

Laid-Back Lifestyle

Mexico Beach is perfect for those who prefer a cocktail at sunset over partying all night. Away from the noise and bustle of Panama City Beach, its residents can enjoy a wide choice of exclusively family-owned restaurants and bars while still maintaining a calm way of life. As the area is regenerated, more and more eateries are opening, widening the choice further.

Affordable Beach-front Real Estate

Compared with other areas that offer beach-front living, Mexico Beach is affordable in comparison. This makes it a fantastic real estate investment opportunity, as well as a place to call home. Joining a community of around 1000 residents, you will not feel crowded or on top of each other. The overall cost of living is also lower than the more developed parts of the gulf coast.

There is no doubt that Mexico Beach has had its share of troubles, but the only way from here is up, and the community is making sure that the area is restored to its former, laid-back glory. If you are ready to join a small but strong and collaborative community of people, then Mexico Beach is a great choice for you.