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How to Declutter Before Moving to a Luxury Condo

Americans are continuing the trend of moving from large high cost metros. Homeowners in urban areas are purchasing and renting properties outside the city and the sunbelt and vacation communities of Florida continue to see growth. The conversion many Americans have made to remote work makes relocating to a luxury beach condo more accessible than ever.

However, a cross country move that results in downsizing can be a dizzying process of decluttering. Are you looking to relocate to a luxury beachside condo? If so, here is a brief guide on how to do it right.

Start as Early as You Can

Before any move, one of the biggest graces you can grant yourself is beginning the process as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to find yourself scrambling to sort out and pack your belongings in a time crunch.

In the weeks before your move, designate a predetermined block of time each day for organizing and packing up portions of your home. One way to start is by committing yourself to the rules of the Kon Mari method – tidying up with a clear vision of your ideal lifestyle, keeping the things that bring you joy and eliminating that which doesn’t, and sorting by category, not location. 

Prioritize Your Belongings

Whether moving to an Inlet Beach rental or one of the luxury homes for sale on Florida’s Emerald Coast, it can be difficult to determine what items you really need.

As you sort through your belongings, consider the things you’ll truly need to support your new lifestyle in a downsized space. Following Minimalista Organizing’s top three tips can help: own only what you use, value & love; find a home for everything; have an out box – a place where items that no longer serve you can be stored until they can be donated or given to someone who will use and appreciate them. 

Stay Mindful of Space in Your Luxury Condo

Downsizing doesn’t just mean letting some items go. It can literally mean a requirement for smaller furniture that will suit a smaller space.

Make certain you know the dimensions of your condo and measure the furniture you plan to take with you. Identify the sentimental items you’d like to keep and work with a virtual designer to design a new home that fits your style. 

Don’t Wait to Explore Your Options

When it comes to scoping out a luxury condo in a new market you should rely on a local real estate professional. 

Rodos Realty Advisors has a deep understanding of the local market conditions and community features. We pride ourselves on helping newcomers to the area find the luxury homes of their dreams.

Contact us today and let us guide you toward finding a new luxury home or condo on Florida’s Emerald Coast.