Company Profile

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Rodos Realty Partners, LLC is a privately held real estate investment company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rodos acquires value-add shopping centers and office buildings which it can stabilize through intensive leasing and management as well as through renovation and repositioning.

With extensive experience and a unique business network, Rodos has a keen knowledge of all facets of the real estate business. Our forte is the ability to combine vast operational experience with an acute understanding of real estate finance that results in an analytical ability to devise business strategies and find solutions that maximize property values while limiting investment risks.
Targeted investments include the acquisition of fee simple real estate, sub performing mortgages and non-performing mortgages that marshal Rodos development, redevelopment, management, leasing and workout expertise to create value.  Regardless of the fee simple or mortgage interest acquired, the common theme of converting the investment to a secure high quality asset during the holding period is an uncompromised Rodos principle.

Rodos actively pursues acquisition opportunities in Atlanta and other select markets across the southeastern United States. The development and acquisition philosophy is intensely focused on quality, timing, cost and innovative value enhancement.